So, I just did another interview today. You may very well have heard of Excelerate. He is well known on ROBLOX mainly for his filmmaking abilities, but he’s also a really great builder, and an amazing ROBLOX clothing designer. I first heard about Excelerate when he won the ROBLOX Rox contest back in March. His name came up again when I found his entry for the ROBLOX trailer contest – which ended up being a winning video.

WonkaKid: Tell a little bit about yourself.

Excelerate: I am one of the top clothes makers/sellers in ROBLOX, and I’m known for my filmmaking abilities. I also love to spend time building big projects and unique places

WonkaKid: How did you find ROBLOX?

Excelerate: I was really bored one day, so I went to YouTube. I was searching for some cool games to play, and a ROBLOX video popped up. My whole perspective on gaming changed from then on.

WonkaKid: How long have you been on ROBLOX?

Excelerate: I had an account before Excelerate, Who joined December 2007, So, I have been playing for about 19 months now.

WonkaKid: What would you rate ROBLOX on a scale of 1-100? Explain why.

Excelerate: I would rate ROBLOX a 90 easily. Why? Because it is far more unique than almost any other game on the internet. There is so much customization, this is one terrific and addicting game.

WonkaKid: Who is your favorite ROBLOX player? Explain why.

Excelerate: When I was first starting to play, I was inspired by many players but I would have to say my favorite player in ROBLOX would be Nintendoboy4, Because I looked up to him when I was newer, and he has been a great friend ever since.

What is your favorite ROBLOX game? Explain why.

Excelerate: My favorite game is a recent game by Anaminus called Tunnel Cruiser. I love it because of its unique and amazing quality, and its just overall addicting fun. It reminds me of the older type of classical games.

WonkaKid: What was the most important moment you’ve had on ROBLOX?

Excelerate: My most important/best moment on roblox was actually on my 2nd day playing. I got extremely lucky and my place made it to the front page. Being so new, I was extremely overjoyed and surprised at the time.

WonkaKid: If you were given full ROBLOX administrator powers for 24 hours, what would you do?

Excelerate: I have one thing I would just love to do. Get rid of all of the site errors on ROBLOX to make it a more pleasant experience. There is nothing I would want more than to make it much more convinient.

You’re a great ROBLOX filmmaker. Do you have any tips on the subject for our readers?

Excelerate: My main tip would be to Practice. I practiced for a long time to get where I am now, and I have been able to make some pretty cool things with my ability. Some other general tip(s) would to be, Make sure you have the proper equipment to do great film-making, if you are seriously trying hard to succeed.

How do you picture ROBLOX 5 years from now?

Excelerate: I see ROBLOX becoming a massive game with Millions and millions of players, turning into such a successful and entertaining game as many other popular online games are these days. I hope to come back in the future and see how things have developed. I have strong belief in ROBLOX.

- WonkaKid