We all know that Summer began a full month ago… as of today, actually. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t too late to celebrate it! At least, on ROBLOX it isn’t. ROBLOX just released an awesome new Summer 2009 cap, along with a few medieval accouterments, and a handful of other hats. Why don’t you read on and see what’s new?



First of all, there’s the new “Summertime 2009 R&R&R“, which I do have to compliment. This is probably the best cap ROBLOX has made so far. Secondly, there’s the Black Bowler hat, which is similar to a top hat, but doesn’t quite meet all the resemblances. Then, there’s the Ranger Hat. I’ll say the Ranger hat is simple and inexpensive, but isn’t really “cheap.”

Beginning with the new medieval release, there’s we have Sir Pwnsalot‘s helmet. Definately the best knight helmet of ROBLOX. Next, we have the royal legendary crown of King Arthur, an extremely handsome addition to the medieval hats. Replacing the Red Crown of Ozymandias, ROBLOX just released the Dark Cerulean Crown of Ozymandias. I already traded in a few ROBUX and bought one of these, myself. It is officially the most expensive hat on ROBLOX, selling at 100,000 tickets.

Lastly, not really meeting summertime or medieval themes, we have the Real Rockin’ Roller hair. Two sweeped bangs that don’t really meet up with a lot of other ROBLOX hairdos.

- WonkaKid