It’s been a while since the SS. Goodins was first revealed, but it is still probably the most well built ship in all of ROBLOX. The SS. Goodins was built by two ROBLOX master builders: Gusmanak and WaterLollies. I talked with the creators of the ship, and they told me a few things. For one, the SS. Goodins took about 3 months to build until completion.


Gusmanak & WaterLollies

Another interesting fact is that the SS. Goodins was actually a inspired by a much smaller ship built by the two, called the Frontliner. The Frontliner became popular with the public, and gave Gusmanak and WaterLollies the idea to build a much bigger, better, and more advanced, ship – the SS. Goodins.

So, let’s get onto the details. On entering, the first thing you’ll notice about the SS. Goodins is two figures greeting you onto the ship. These are models of the ship’s creators, Gusmanak (left) and WaterLollies (right).


SS. Goodins Bedroom

As you proceed into the ship, you will find that there are several bedrooms, designed for passengers on the ship. These bedrooms are pretty simple – containing just a bed, a lamp desk, and a small bathroom. Most of the bedrooms are red, except for the last two – which are orange and purple. The orange room was specially made and dedicated to Gusmanak, and the purple, WaterLollies.

Going on to the back of the ship, you’ll notice the SS. Goodins helicopter. This chopper did, at one point fly, but is now just for decoration due to performance issues. Though, there are a few minor glitches on the helicopter, such as not being able to actually sit in the seats, it is still a nice little work of art.


SS. Goodins Helicopter

Going down to the lower part of the ship, you’ll find the ship’s generators. Though the generators do take up a large part of the ship, and aren’t much to look at, they still are an important part to keeping the SS. Goodins detailed. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that Gusmanak and WaterLollies actually used schematics for the entire model.

As you get to the end of all the generators, you’ll find the ship’s control room. The control room is not interactive, and isn’t a really huge room, but it still is pretty cool. Don’t bother looking for an exit for the control room, because there isn’t any. You’ll have to walk all the way back through the generators again to get out.


SS. Goodins Control Room

Well, except for a few minor things, I think I pretty much covered the main parts of the entire ship. There is also a small restaurant in the ship, and a pool back by the helicopter.

In other news, you’ll find the new Aztec hats in the ROBLOX catalog – nothing really majorly expensive. Prices range from 25 and 350 ROBUX. Other than that, there really isn’t much new on ROBLOX today. Maybe something big will happen tomorrow. You’ll just have to keep checking back to find out!

- WonkaKid