Okay, so by now you all are wondering what in the world has been going on in the past eight months. I kind of gave the site a break… a really, really long break. And now, I think it’s finally time to get back to work. I plan to start posting on a frequent basis from now on. I’ll be doing several new interviews with the big guys over the next few days. Also, be in expectation for new place reviews. I’ll be on the look-out for the coolest and most awesome places on ROBLOX over the next few days.

As a note, I’d like you all to know that we still do not plan on hiring. ROBLOX News will continue to be run by myself, StrongBoy9, and, our newest member of the team, legotown44. This means you don’t have to email or message me and request a job, because you most likely won’t get a response.

Remember to be checking back – I’ll be posting quite a bit. New updates? Come and see what’s up. New contest? We’ll give you the info. Just looking for what’s new on ROBLOX? You’ll find it here. In closing, I’d like to thank for visiting and reading! Have a great time on ROBLOX!

- WonkaKid