Okay, so a lot happened on Roblox through the time of the laptop incident. I will give a few things for the important Roblox events that have happened since around early November. Let’s get started!

Roblox Updates

I think a good way to begin all the new Roblox happenings would be to tell about the new updates. The biggest recent Roblox update would have to be the trade system. The trade system allows players to trade their ROBUX for other players’ tickets, or their tickets for other players’ ROBUX. There are two different ways you can trade with this system.

  • Market Order

The great thing about Market Order is that you get your money immediately. Just put in a certain amount of ROBUX or tickets, and you’ll get whatever the current exchange ratio is. The bad thing about this is the amount of money you get back is unpredictable. One ticket is usually equivalent to about 4-5 ROBUX.

  • Limit Order

Trading through limit order can get you the exact amount of ROBUX or tickets you want for whatever you put in. However, this does not occur until someone else puts the exact trade you submitted (the other way around). This means your trade may never happen. It could just be sitting their waiting to go forever.

So, that’s trading. You’ve got to be either just as excited, if not even more about this other update. Custom advertisements for your places, models, and clothing! To advertise an item of yours, just hit the “Advertise this ____” link. More detailed instructions will be found there.

Roblox Winter Playland Building Contest

Yes! Another Roblox building contest! And this one is still going underway! Exclamation marks are overused! Okay, so this Roblox event is still going on. That means you can still enter and maybe win something. Keep reading and find out more!

So, how can you win something? Easy! On your main account, build a wintery place, and put the tag, “WPBC” in your title. Your place will not be found by the judges if you forget to do include that tag. Once this is done, have a friend nominate you! Not being nominated is another thing that will keep the judges from finding your place.

How Nominating Works

Now, you’re probably wondering how to get nominated, or even how to nominate someone else. Well, it’s easy. Just go to RobloxEvents.com (yes, it is official), and hit the “Nominate your friend’s place!” link (found under Navigation). Further instructions will be found there.

Before nominating your friend, be sure to make sure nobody else has already done so. To do this, just search your friend’s Roblox username up in the searchbar. If you see a link with the username you searched, you’ll know that this person has already been nominated. Do not nominate someone who has already been nominated.

So, that wraps entering and nominations up. Now, what kinds of prizes do we have for this contest? Two things… hats and ROBUX!  The first and easiest hat you can get is the Cool Snowman Head. All you have to do to get this is enter the contest (put “WPBC” in your place title). Secondly, there’s the Ice Crown — with an additional 200 ROBUX.

Getting the ice crown is a little trickier than the snowman head. About 100 players will get this. The ice crown (and it’s ROBUX) is the winning prize for this contest. You will not get this if you haven’t been nominated. Places that are most wintery, awesome, and go along perfectly with what the judges were expecting will get this fabulous prize. If you want this, I suggest you work your very hardest on building your place entry.


The ROtris event only lasted a few days, and has already ended. Three different hats were given away through the Roblox version of the classic game, tetris. Before we discuss these hats, I have to mention that the original ROtris map was built by the Roblox genius, xLEGOx. And, the hats!

That about wraps this post up. Our next post may be a bit of a surprise for some of you. The only way you’ll find out what I mean is by continuing to visit us at Roblox News. Thanks for reading!

- WonkaKid