Just before my laptop was destroyed, I had promised a certain Roblox player he would have the next interview here on Roblox News. Yes, the laptop incident was a bit of a while ago, but does that matter? No way! I promised an interview to this guy. I also told you guys to be looking forward to several new posts coing up.

So, who is SonicBoy? SonicBoy is probably best known for his Roblox fanblog – Roblox Direct. SonicBoy also has a few popular Roblox videos. His video name, as you might know him is SonicMaster1. The most popular Roblox video he has made would probably be his May-Funny Roblox bloopers. Anyway, it’s time for the interview!

WonkaKid - How did you find Roblox?

SonicBoy - I was watching Megaman765′s Roblox Videos. I joined because of the “adventurous” part the video showed me.

WonkaKid – How long have you been playing Roblox?

SonicBoy – Around 14 months. I really started playing Roblox after the Vista Compatibility update of October 2007.

WonkaKid – What would you rate Roblox on a scale of 1-100?

SonicBoy – 87. A great game, and it’s gonna get better.

WonkaKid – What is your favorite thing about Roblox?

SonicBoy – I would say the Treasure Hunts. No, not the Riddling Skull (that was a joke, it was too easy), but the other hunts, like the Void Star hunt, or the 2007 Halloween Hunt. Even though I didn’t participate, I would gladly do a Hunt that’s very challenging.

WonkaKid – Who is you favorite Roblox player?

SonicBoy – I would say nintendobones. He helps me a lot with my movies, and we get together a lot. I even ask him for advice sometimes!

WonkaKid – What is your favorite Roblox place?

SonicBoy – Sword Fight on the Heights Original. If this place did not exist, I wouldn’t even have my Combat Initiation badge.

WonkaKid – How did you get the idea of starting a Roblox fanblog?

SonicBoy – I got the idea from the Developer’s Blog, and Roblox News. Well, I really didn’t start with Roblox Direct! I first made a blog called “A robloxian life”, a sort of daily-life blog of me in Roblox. Then I got the idea from Roblox News to make a news blog, well, a tribute. I really didn’t expect it to be known.

WonkaKid – When did you create your Roblox blog?

SonicBoy – January 19th 2008, two days after the deletion of “A robloxian life”.

WonkaKid – Do you have any blogging tips for other Roblox players?

SonicBoy – Everything you put on your site must be appropriate for young viewers. Also, don’t post out off-topic subjects that have nothing to do with your site. (Example: Don’t post what you ate for lunch on a Roblox Fansite.)

WonkaKid – How do you picture Roblox 5 years from now?

SonicBoy – A lot of lag reduced, re-organized site that looks awesome, only good games on the front page, a tutorial mode (Build/Play/Script), teamwork events, an advanced forum (PHPBB).

Well, there ya have it! An interview with SonicBoy! Be sure to expect to be seeing many more great interviews coming up. I’ve got quite a few planned out. Also, if you would like your own interview on Roblox News, feel free to request one by either visiting our contact page, or by sending me (WonkaKid) a private message on Roblox.

Our next Roblox News post will probably be mainly dedicated to all the things that have happened in the Roblox world since my laptop burned out. I’m hoping this will be done will be done some time tomorrow (December 13). A post or two after that, you may unexpectedly see your name here on Roblox News. Just keep checking back and you’ll know what I mean.

- WonkaKid