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Exclusive Roblox Interview with JJ5x5

Posted on June 15th, 2008 in Builders, Interviews | 48 Comments »

JJ5x5 at Thrillville

Most of you have heard of the winner of the 2007 Roblox funny movie contest. You have also seen the most expensive Roblox item, “JJ5x5′s White Top Hat”. If you’re one of these many people, you’ll be happy to know who today’s interviewed Roblox player is!

JJ5x5 is a great Roblox veteran. With no Builders Club, he owns all three of the Roblox top hats. That’s a pretty good accomplishment! Once finished reading this interview, be sure to get a laugh by checking his Roblox videos out here.


Meet kman786 – An Exclusive Interview

Posted on December 26th, 2007 in Builders, Interviews | 24 Comments »

Kman786 has been waiting quite a while for this interview to get posted. And now, it’s here! Kman786 is the creator of the popular “Escape the School with buses.” I hope you enjoy his interview!

WonkaKid – How long have you been playing Roblox?

kman786 – 4 months as of today.

WonkaKid – Who is your favorite Robloxian other than yourself?

kman786 - Are92.

WonkaKid – What is your all-time favorite place on Roblox?

kman786 - Ultimate Paintball CTF.

WonkaKid – What is your favorite hat on Roblox?

kman786 - The teapot.

WonkaKid – What is your favorite thing to do on Roblox?

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Meet LuigiFan – An Exclusive Interview

Posted on November 16th, 2007 in Builders, Interviews | 17 Comments »

Welcome to Roblox News’ second interview! Today, I interviewed LuigiFan, owner of LuigiFan’s Airport. Below is a list of questions I asked him, and of course his answers.

Me: How long have you been playing Roblox?

LuigiFan: About 5 months.

Me: What are future themes for your airport?

LuigiFan: Well thats undetermined, I’m actually getting theme suggestions from here.

Me: How did you find Roblox?

LuigiFan: Megaman765′s first Roblox Bloopers got me interested.

Me: What was the first airplane you created?

LuigiFan: The “Simple Plane” which you can see at my airport, it’s always in the front.

Me: What is your all-time favorite place on Roblox?

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