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Review: The Legendary SS. Goodins

Posted on July 21st, 2009 in Place Reviews | 3 Comments »

It’s been a while since the SS. Goodins was first revealed, but it is still probably the most well built ship in all of ROBLOX. The SS. Goodins was built by two ROBLOX master builders: Gusmanak and WaterLollies. I talked with the creators of the ship, and they told me a few things. For one, the SS. Goodins took about 3 months to build until completion.


Gusmanak & WaterLollies


ROBLOX Goes Hat-Crazy

Posted on July 19th, 2009 in General, Place Reviews | 11 Comments »

If you play ROBLOX on a normal basis, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say ROBLOX really has been releasing loads and loads of hats. It’s beginning to seem as if a new theme of hats comes to ROBLOX almost everyday now. The most recent release of hats was things of the stone age – launched yesterday.

The new stone age hats include the following:

ROBLOX also hints at releasing a new line of Aztec hats – possibly coming later today. Nothing has been said about what the prices will be, so that’ll just have to be waited on. Oh, and… don’t ask about the mad scientist hair.

- WonkaKid

Roblox Hit Place – Dogfight: WWII

Posted on April 12th, 2008 in Place Reviews | 18 Comments »

Most of you will probably already know about LuckyGlue’s recent hit place, “Dogfights: WWII”. It has been pretty high up in the Roblox Games section for quite a while, now. I’m extremely grateful that he let us review his awesome place. Well, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

StrongBoy9 - Where did you get the idea for Dogfights WWII?

LuckyGlues - I saw the DogFight Series on the History Channel.

StrongBoy9 - How long did it take you to build your place?

LuckyGlues - About an hour, I think. 2 hours for updates.

StrongBoy9 - What are some ideas you have for future Roblox places?

LuckyGlues - Better ships and planes from 1972.

StrongBoy9 - Are you planning on adding an admin area to your place?

LuckyGlues - If I do, it will probably be a large bunker or something similar to that.

StrongBoy9 - What are future plans for your place?

LuckyGlues - If I were to make a new and better place, I would move it on to my alternate account, MrGlues.

StrongBoy9 - How do you figure your place got so popular?

LuckyGlues - First, I made couple of WWII planes, then I made a flying B-17 Bomber plane.

Thanks for letting us review your awesome place, LuckyGlues!

In other news… WonkaKid is planning on doing another parade for the Spring Block Party today. I’ll bet you that’s going to be pretty cool! I think this is about all we have for now. Oh, and thanks to WonkaKid for the picture. Thanks for visiting Roblox News!

- StrongBoy9

The Original Struggle Arena

Posted on December 24th, 2007 in Place Reviews | 21 Comments »

This is Roblox News’ first ever place review! Also, this is my (StrongBoy9) first real post on Roblox News! Today, we went to the Struggle Arena by ScatmanMario64, and asked him a few questions about the place. The Struggle Arena was always one of our favorite places on Roblox, so enjoy!

Strongboy9 – Where did you get the idea for your place?

ScatmanMario64 - I got the idea after playing Kingdom Hearts 2.

Strongboy9 – How did your place get so popular?

ScatmanMario64 - You know how everyone likes sword fighting.

Strongboy9 – How long did it take to build the whole place?

ScatmanMario64 - Total, the whole place took me 13 minutes.

Strongboy9 – What are your future place ideas?

ScatmanMario64 - Hmm… Well, I think I could bring back the obstacle course I made last time.

Strongboy9 – Are you going to add anything else to your Struggle Arena?

ScatmanMario64 - I might make a house for myself.

Strongboy9 – What do you plan to do with your Struggle Arena in the future?

ScatmanMario64 - I really want to make it as a competitive arena for families everywhere.

Well, did ya like it? I sure did! To reward ScatmanMario64, both me and WonkaKid will buy his admin shirt, which is coming for sale soon. Also, how we did this is WonkaKid went to the Struggle Arena, and we both thought of questions to ask. Thank you for reading Roblox News’ first place review!


Favorite Places on Roblox

Posted on November 11th, 2007 in Place Reviews | 9 Comments »

We have seen many inspiring places on Roblox that we would like to share with everyone. WonkaKid’s favorite place probably was the Struggle Arena by ScatmanMario64, but we recently heard that his place got hacked and deleted.

I, STRONGBOY9 would have to say that my all-time favorite place is indeed a very fun place which I’m sure once was many other people’s favorite. Cunorion Canyon CTF by Stealth Pilot. Both WonkaKid and I both enjoy Stealth Pilot’s places very much and hope that he keeps up the good work! WonkaKid enjoys Moon Base CTF and Erosion Canyon Minigames, both made by Stealth Pilot.

Ultimate Paintball CTF

Another place that we both have enjoyed since around the time we started Roblox is Ultimate Paintball CTF by miked. Ultimate Paintball CTF is the most popular place of all time on Roblox, so I’m sure we’re not the only ones who enjoy it. Miked’s other popular place, Minigame World is one of our favorites also. It is the second most popular place of all time on Roblox.

We both also used to really enjoy Dogfight by furnace. It isn’t as popular as it used to be, and it lags a bit too. After furnace’s place became popular, he started a sequel to Dogfight. It’s called “Future Dogfight 2077 A.D.” It has future planes, turrets, and speeders.

Well, since I’m writing about places right now, I might as well tell about you ours. Since I am not in Builders Club, I only have one place. Fun Land Theme Park! It has over 6000 bricks with planes, and invisibility, and rides, and more! WonkaKid is working on all his places right now, but his main one is Green Sword Battle. He has an admin shirt that’s 50 Robux or 100 Tix if you want it! At Green Sword Battle, you could probably guess what you do. Sword fights! With green swords in a green place of course!