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Roblox Olympics – Map Building Contest

Posted on August 4th, 2008 in Contests | 16 Comments »

Roblox Olympics

Roblox is holding yet another map building contest!

As you probably already know, the Beijing 2008 Olympics are very close. The Roblox team is obviously so excited about this event, they can’t help but to do something about it. That’s why they’re having a Roblox Olympics building contest!


Roblox Action Adventure Movie Contest

Posted on June 15th, 2008 in Contests | 11 Comments »

Action-filled Robloxian

A new Roblox production has come among us! Introducing ROBLOXiwood!

The Roblox staff obviously enjoyed the funny video contest so much, they decided to have another movie contest! They wouldn’t base two contests on hilarious videos in a row, so they thought of another great topic. Action and adventure!

It was quite a surprise when I found out another Roblox video contest is already going. I didn’t have the chance to enter the last one, so I really hope to try this one out. As advice, I suggest you don’t base your video off of Indiana Jones. Trust me. At least 85% of the Roblox video entries will probably be related to Indiana Jones. I’d say I just made a pretty good guess.


Results of the Roblox Spring Block Party

Posted on April 28th, 2008 in Contests | 20 Comments »

Block Party Hats

The Roblox Spring Block Party went great! I really enjoyed writing a few posts about the recent event here on Roblox News. I also enjoyed looking through all the entries and noticing the creativity in Roblox players. This truly was a fun contest. Let’s give the administrators a huge round of applause! I’d also like to really thank Roblox Community Manager, ReeseMcBlox for taking care of this contest. This contest wouldn’t be complete without her. Thanks a million, Reese! Anyway, let’s get onto the winners!

People’s Choice Winners

Not to copy the Roblox developers, but I’ll list these winners in category form just as they did. All of the names shown below will receive extra Robux, and the special Teddy Bear Hat. I’m very proud to say I made it into this list. Remember that this is the list of winners for the People’s Choice prize. This means that all of the people in the following list had at least 20 votes on their entry for the SBP. Check and see if you made it!

Party Vehicles

Party Outfits

Party Locations


Block Party in the Press – Articles, Stories, Movies, Drawings
Wirodeu, Sidaru, FreeFurbie

Read more…

Roblox Spring Block Party – Parade 3

Posted on April 19th, 2008 in Contests | 18 Comments »

Welcome to Roblox News’ 3rd Roblox Spring Block Party parade! The first image is shown in this parade is by me. Yes, I have already entered a different image into the contest. But, the image on this parade is not a screenshot entry. This entry is for my Spring Block Party news stories! This very post is the 4th post I’ve written for the Roblox Spring Block Party! Now, let’s get parading. Remember, to visit the voting page of the following images, just click on the image, itself!

Roblox News

Have you been enjoying my recent posts about the Spring Block Party? If so, click on this image, and it will take you to a voting page. On that voting page, do NOT vote on how the image looks. That’s not what you’re voting for. You’re voting for the posts I’ve been writing on this very site. Got it? Go!



Roblox Spring Block Party – Parade 2

Posted on April 12th, 2008 in Contests | 14 Comments »

Welcome to Roblox News’ 2nd parade of the Roblox Spring Block Party! If you have not yet heard about the Roblox Spring Block Party, take this link. The link will take you to a post I wrote about the event. Anyway, let’s get parading! I put my entry up as the first one. Click on a picture to go to its page on the Roblox Events website.


This is mine! As you can see, it’s a screenshot of my Top Hat Team. The only member missing is ToaZuku. He joined right after I uploaded this image.



Roblox Spring Block Party – Parade 1

Posted on April 10th, 2008 in Contests | 21 Comments »

Note: Due to stealing an image off the internet, one of the previously shown entries was deleted from this parade. 

The Roblox Spring Block Party is going great! I plan to send in something of my own soon, but for now, posting is my job! The Roblox administrators haven’t done a parade for the party yet, so I’m doing one, myself.

This parade is to show a few entries that I thought were really neat. The Roblox developers said that they will be doing 3 parades for this contest. They haven’t done any yet, so this may be the first one there is. Let the parading begin!


I really like this one. Look back there behind ReeseMcBlox. See the guy with the top hat? That’s me!



Roblox Spring Block Party

Posted on April 10th, 2008 in Contests | 18 Comments »

ROBLOX Spring Block Party

Spring is here, and so is the Roblox Spring Block Party! I will be posting a parade of some of the awesome entries for this contest tomorrow.

Roblox administrator, ReeseMcBlox says that you can use any of the following items to create your contest entry: K’Nex, Lincoln Logs, Legos, Mecanno, Erector, Megablox, Wooden Building Blocks, Little Twigs, Sand, Cast Iron, Welded Steel, Fire, Brio, Tinker Toys, Garbage, Silly Putty, Old Tires, Origami, etc.

Once you create your entry, you must get a screenshot, photo, or video of it. My guess is that videos will probably boost up your chance of winning a bit. Note that you may also create your entry at a place in Roblox.

To submit your entry, you must visit the Image Entry page from the Roblox Events website. You may give up to 2 images of your design, but they must be on two different posts. If you do insert 2 images, be sure to call the first image “Username-1″, and the second one “Username-2″. Make sure that your images are both of the same creation. Also make sure that it is of a standard format, such as jpg, gif, png, and/or bmp.

Once you upload your image, be sure to write a small description of what your entry is. Roblox administrator, ReeseMcBlox says, “If your submission is a screenshot from a ROBLOX place, feel free to provide a link back to your place so that people can check it out!”

What’s a Roblox party without prizes? Nothing! That’s why there are some awesome prizes for this contest! Check out the list below!

  • Every creator of a valid image on the Roblox Events website will receive a free Block Party hat
  • All players that get their entries into the Roblox Developers’ Journal will receive both the Block Party hat, and a load of Robux
  • The top voted entries on the Roblox Events website will receive the Block Party hat, and an additional People’s Choice hat
  • Top news stories about the event will earn an extra load of Robux


Do not enter pictures that you found off the internet. All pictures found offline will be disqualified.

Try not to get your real face into your entry. All images with the entry’s creator’s face will get the face edited out of the photo. Making sure that your face is hidden will save the Roblox administrators some time.

Anyways, that about wraps up the latest Roblox news! Thanks for visiting and reading!

- WonkaKid

Winning Entries Are Now Being Built

Posted on February 12th, 2008 in Contests | 15 Comments »

Everyone already knows that the Builderman’s Place Design Contest has ended… Or has it? Yes, the voting ended a little while ago. Now it’s time for part 2! A secret team of Robloxian master builders are working on 10 very important places right now. These places are the winning entries for the Builderman’s Place Design Contest!

What’s happening is this. Pro-builders are taking the pictures of the winning entries from Roblox’s previous contest, and creating them on Roblox! Once these builders are finished with their creations, their newly designed places will be installed onto Builderman’s account! So keep watching Builderman’s page. And soon, you won’t see only one place on his page! The places are to be installed on Sunday, February 24.

The following Robloxians will get their entries installed onto Builderman’s account (click on their names to see their entry:)

Congratulations to all of you who won! That about wraps up everything that’s new in Roblox. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

- WonkaKid

Open Up Your Entries

Posted on January 5th, 2008 in Contests | 23 Comments »

No more entries for the Roblox Winter Stronghold Contest will be accepted. Do not make any changes to your place, except completely opening it up. That means to make sure that your place is open to the public (not friends-only.) And, if you have an admin room, secret room etc. make sure that the Roblox admins have full access to it. In other words, make sure that every part of the place is open to the public.

The Prizes

20 people will be chosen from the Competing Class to earn 1,200 Robux, and a special hat! The rest of the Competing entries will be given a special hat, but it won’t be as “awesome” as the one the Competing winners will receive. In other words, the winners get the best part of the deal. Every one of the Showing entries will receive the “cool but not awesome” hat.”

In other news, today was the fourth ever Free Shirt Friday! The winner of the week was… (drumroll, please) ACTIONREPLAYRULEZ! Wow, a long name. Especially when it’s all in caps like that. Anyways, congratulations, ACTIONREPLAYRULEZ! Please PM WonkaKid on Roblox when you are ready for your free shirt.

Also, I know this is a little late, but Happy 2008 to all!